HPN Fall 2020 Program Released

We are very excited to announce our 2020 Virtual Conference program, which we've packed full of stimulating, energizing and extremely timely and relevant sessions to the here-and-now of health professions and care delivery, as well as the near future.

Plus, we have opportunities to collaborate and discuss the priorities and potential of the Health Professions Network, the challenges facing health professional associations and the health workforce pipeline, and brainstorm, together, on solutions.

We're excited to engage in this flexible format with an energizing mix of topics, simultaneous chat discussion and moderated video conference roundtables with a schedule that we hope minimizes our footprint on your working week and facilitates full and wide participation from all of our members and new guests! Our flexible, pay-what-you-think-is-fair pricing will further facilitate wide participation and energizing discussion!

In the run up to our conference, we'll be sharing more details on our invited speakers, their timely expertise and their provocative ideas. We've invited Michael Cannon from the Cato Institute, for example, to argue why direct government licensing is counterproductive for allied health professions, as well as fantastic speaker Jeff Thomas Cobb to discuss how professional associations could replace traditional colleges!

We'll share more on those ideas and all of our speakers via our blog in the coming weeks. Make sure you're subscribed to receive our emails!

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