HPN Announces Virtual Conference Series Due to COVID-19

Due to the uncertainty of the evolving situation surrounding COVID-19, and in line with guidance for community gatherings put out by the CDC, the Health Professions' Network's Annual Spring Conference will transition to a virtual conference series.

HPN is committed to delivering the education, discussion, and networking which the meeting was designed to offer, albeit now a bit differently than originally planned. Our theme, Data and its impact on health professions, is still crucially important and topical—and our speakers are top class experts in data's impact in health care.

We are currently coordinating with the exceptional speakers who had planned to participate this April, and working through the logistics of bringing the meeting to HPN members in a virtual/webinar format.

This series will include three two-hour long webinars on April 15, 16, 17 for a total of six one-hour sessions. In keeping with the discussion-based, interactive format of in-person HPN meetings, we plan to moderate discussion, and open up the live webinar sessions to Q&A as we would if we were all in the same location.

We also look forward to a potentially larger group of attendees to enrich these discussions as the convenience of the virtual format increases organizations' ability to participate, and as the HPN Board determined that the cost of these virtual sessions should be lower—$50 per day per participant.

We will confirm times and speakers for our virtual conference series as soon as possible. Registration is now re-opened for our virtual conference series.

HPN staff reached out to previous registrants on March 18 to discuss logistics of this change. Please reach out to the HPN office if you did not receive a notice.

Data and its Impact on Health Professions - HPN Virtual Conference Series, April 15, 16, 17

COVID-19 Update

Firstly, we'd like to say that the Health Professions Network staff maintains a remote infrastructure and workflow, meaning that social distancing has not affected our operations at all. HPN's staff is skilled and capable at facilitating virtual collaboration, and all non-conference strategic initiatives move forward as planned. HPN's staff are ready and able to meet member needs—if there's anything you need, we are here.

While it's disappointing we won't get a chance to see all of your faces in April, we are reminded that in times of crisis, the value of association is even greater. And the resource that is the Health Professions Network—its dedicated, mission-driven members, Board of directors, and staff—remains the premier resource for healthcare association professionals who face unique challenges above and beyond having to cancel conferences, and whose members now need support on the front lines of this pandemic.

As things are rapidly changing, and we are all forced to react, HPN is here to serve as a resource, a sounding board, a discussion and collaboration facilitator, and above all, as a caring community.

Kurt Jensen
Communications Director
Health Professions Network

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