Microsoft's potential impact on health care

Microsoft’s Potential Impact on Health Care

This week, Walgreens announced a massive partnership with Microsoft, raising a number of questions about Microsoft’s potential impact on health care. At face value, the deal strategically positions Microsoft to […]

Artificial Intelligence, Amazon and What it Means for Health Care

Amazon made headlines recently in scrapping a behind-the-scenes application of artificial intelligence the company used in recruiting talent. The machine learner’s fatal flaw? Gender discrimination. “Amazon’s computer models were trained […]

Further Thoughts on the State of the Industry

The Health Professions Network recently released a State of the Industry Report—an inside look at what’s happening in health care and health professional associations: the variables that influence change the […]

Is health care ready for disruptive innovation? (part three)

Trends making health care vulnerable to disruption. In part one and two of our three part series on ‘disruptive innovation’ in health care, we looked at (1) what, exactly, disruptive innovation is […]