Fall 2017 Sessions


Meeting Summary & Notes

Innovation is a Shared Change
Linda Hwong & Nina Davis, Marriott International

Linda Hwong and Nina Davis of Marriott International led an excellent presentation about the Innovation Imperative—how organizations' capacity to change keeps them sustainable, how their customer service is high-tech enabled by high-touch, and how they tap into their employees to drive both innovation and customer service. They also discuss how their organizational structure enables a welcoming, mentoring culture.

Our Publishing Story of Customers' Choice
Margaret Biblis & Leigh Wells, F.A. Davis

Margaret Biblis and Leigh Wells of F.A. Davis shared their insights into innovation through customer service in the publishing space. F.A. Davis is navigating new publishing paradigms which are no longer just about the content, but new ways of teaching and facilitating teaching in a classroom or virtually. The presentation offered great insight into collaboration between publishers and educators in preparing the health workforce and how strong customer service can set new directions for an organization.

The American Music Therapy Association
Rebecca Preddie, AMTA

At our Spring 2017 meeting about advocacy, Rebecca Preddie shared how the relatively small American Music Therapy Association approached advocacy to have an out-sized impact for their members. This presentation gave attendees a deeper look at the American Music Therapy Association, their membership, and how they approach customer service and fulfill their members' needs.

Using Microsoft Access to Manage Customer Service
Fred Lenhoff, AMA
Fred Lenhoff shared concrete examples of how a good database program, like Microsoft Access, can help organizations manage member information and improve efficiency and customer service. Access can be used to manage information collaboratively, develop detailed reports of members, and add a personalized touch to communications.

Effective Communication Strategies Across Generations
Lemmietta McNeilly, ASHA

Lemmietta McNeilly of the American Speech-Language Hearing Association shared fantastic insights into how ASHA makes member retention a priority with a 97 percent retention rate. Her discussion touched on the importance of individualization in communication, using many different touch points, providing technical assistance, managing social feedback, and how their online members-only community cuts down on sending too many emails to members.

Across the Generations: Customer Service or Credibility?
Teresa A. Keenan, PhD, AARP & Hannah Messerli, PhD, George Washington University

Teresa Keenan of the AARP and Hannah Messerli of George Washington University shared their unique expertise into generational differences and similarities—takeaways? Customer service for all generations is about building credibility, and while there are different ways to build and communicate credibility to different generations, it's all about treating individuals with dignity and respect.