HPN - Health Professions Network: Free Webinar - Tracking healthcare workforce needs during the covid-19 crisis

Free Webinar: Tracking Healthcare Workforce Needs During the COVID-19 Crisis

Tracking healthcare workforce needs is a popular topic at Health Professions Network conferences and among our members, and during our Virtual Conference Series April 15-17, we had the privilege of hearing about this topic from Christine Chmura, PhD & CEO of Chmura Economics & Analytics, a nationally-renowned expert on the U.S. economy.

Dr. Chmura did a deep dive on COVID-19's economic impact and tracking healthcare workforce needs in this outstanding webinar presentation. She also discussed how her firm collects and harnesses real-time data to track workforce needs - and how educators can use their JobsEQ platform to efficiently plan program growth.

Because of the particularly time-sensitive nature of the content, and the outstanding quality of Dr. Chmura's presentation, the Board of the Health Professions Network has decided to release this presentation to all, free of charge. Please enjoy this informative webinar from April 15, 2020.

Access to all of the webinars from our conference series, including presentations from Dr. Jennifer Garvin of the Ohio State University, Jeffrey Geppert of Battelle's Health and Consumer Solutions, Grady Burrows of BioEnterprise, and Dr. Khassoum Diallo of the World Health Organization, is now available to HPN members.

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