Registered Dietitian

Dietetics is the application of the sciences of food and nutrition to health. It’s a vital, growing profession open to creativity and opportunity, and the possibilities are endless.

Recreational Therapist

A recreational therapist utilizes a wide range of interventions and techniques to improve the physical, cognitive, emotional, social and leisure needs of their clients.

Radiology Administrator

Radiology administrators plan, direct, and coordinate administrative activities for imaging departments in a variety of settings, including hospitals, medical centers, imaging centers, and multi-specialty physician offices or clinics.

Radiologist Assistant

The radiologist assistant’s education, knowledge, and standards allow him or her to perform many radiologic exams—including technically advanced, time-intensive procedures—that previously were performed by radiologists.

Radiologic Technologist

Radiologic technologists are the allied health personnel who perform diagnostic imaging examinations and plan and administer radiation therapy treatments.

Poetry Therapist

Poetry Therapy, journal therapy, and bibliotherapy are terms used synonymously to describe the intentional use of the written or spoken word by trained biblio/poetry/journal therapist to further therapeutic goals and […]


Paraoptometrics are allied health professionals who assist optometrists in providing their highest level of vision care to patients.


Orthoptics, literally meaning “straight eyes,” is one of the medical sciences specializing in eye care. Orthoptics is the study of the development of vision, depth perception and the ability to […]

Orthotist and Prosthetist

Orthotics and Prosthetics is an allied health profession that provides evaluation, fabrication and custom fitting of artificial limbs and orthopedic braces.