Health Profession Associations – State of the Industry Report

The Current State of Change

The Health Professions Network's 2017 Chicago Association Summit convened executives and representatives from professional organizations of non-physician health professions to discuss the challenges facing associations and the health care industry.

Via teleconference, Greg Morrison of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists led the group in a fascinating look at the grand scale of what change in both the association and the health care industry may bring to its organizations and professionals.

The group continued the discussion by sharing outlooks—the trends and challenges groups are monitoring and facing, as well as outlining potential collaborative solutions to these shared challenges. Common themes, topics and solutions shaped this report.

The report: an inside look at what’s happening in health care and health professional associations:

  • the variables that influence change
  • the trends that matter now
  • the opportunities groups can tackle
  • the challenges we’re all facing
  • the common ground we can rally around

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HPN Blog: Further Thoughts on the State of the Industry

On one level, I hope this blog affords readers an opportunity to provide their feedback on this report—what’s missing? What do you see as the primary drivers of change in health care, for professionals, or for professional associations? What should associations be striving to achieve for their members?

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