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3 Things We Learned at an HPN Meeting We Couldn’t Learn Anywhere Else

1. Our collaboratively crafted competencies are already making a real difference in real-world applications—promoting opportunity and diversity in Texas.

We’re passionate about competencies because we know they can make a real difference—better healthcare, less poverty, more diversity. Imagine a highly diverse group of kids graduating from high school with a healthcare credential for which they can earn a living wage. It’s really happening.

2. One HPN member increased their membership numbers for the first time in five years—in only ten months time. We learned how they did it.

HPN is an excellent resource to connect with and learn from staff, executives, or board members of other professional organizations in healthcare.

3. Atlantic City isn’t just a gambling destination any more! We were truly—and very pleasantly—surprised at what the new Atlantic City had to offer.

We get to know the cities we visit pretty intimately, and many times we are pleasantly surprised at excellent, new opportunities—whether it’s a city we thought we knew or one we’d never been to!
Learn something new at our next meeting. We just introduced six month memberships so you can join HPN at one meeting without paying for the whole year. We really think you’ll want to stay.


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Organizational Development

With organizations at all levels and in all stages of development, leaders have a chance to learn from each other—what works and what doesn’t in terms of supporting members, students, and credentialed professionals alike. Advocacy efforts can be enhanced through building upon others’ efforts. Together we can do more with less. Join the members of HPN to add significant advantages for your organization.

Individual Membership

Health Professions Network has opened membership to individuals, which will expand membership and networking opportunities.

Expanded Networking Opportunities

HPN continues to convene a wider range of both member and non-member groups and influencers in collaborative efforts, which offer unique opportunities for networking.

Value in Action

HPN is taking tangible steps towards creating national competencies in healthcare, which will provide impetus to convene more groups and give members the most opportunity to have meaningful input and impact.

Tangible Leadership & Advocacy

HPN is positioning itself to be a difference-maker, and HPN membership can give you real experience in advocacy, collaborative leadership, and orchestrating change.

Keep up with Healthcare

Health Professions Network is uniquely positioned to view trends in healthcare from the widest range of perspectives. HPN plans to expand communications efforts to bring members more valuable updates and insights. HPN membership will keep you up-to-speed on the accelerating changes in healthcare.

Meaningful Education

HPN’s meetings continue to deliver high quality speakers doing good, important work in the industry. Care quality improvement systems, new hiring processes based on predictive competency models, the challenges and unique opportunities of rural health, valid survey research—these were just a few topics discussed at one of our recent meetings.

Professional Development

HPN’s members combine a great deal of experience and expertise in association leadership, and these members are a resource for your own professional development, on top of everything else.

Increase your visibility, develop personally & professionally and support positive change in healthcare.


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